Google Business Profile Expert

Todor Krecu - Google Business Profile Expert

As a Google Business Profile Expert I have demonstrated comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Google's business profile services. I have a deep understanding of the features, capabilities, and best practices for using Google's tools to optimize businesses' online presence.

I an proficient in helping businesses set up, manage, and optimize their profiles on Google. This includes advising on how to maximize visibility in Google Search and Maps, manage and respond to customer reviews, use Google Analytics for insights, and make use of other Google tools and features to enhance a business's online presence.

Additionally, as an expert, I stay up-to-date on all the latest changes and updates to Google's services. I could provide training and consultancy to businesses or individuals looking to leverage Google's tools effectively. This expertise would be valuable to both small businesses looking to enhance their local SEO and larger organizations seeking to improve their overall digital strategy.

Email be at to schedule a date and time for me to visit your restaurant to take photos, video and a 360 degree image for your Google Buisness Profile.

Todor Krecu

Google Street View Trusted Photographer and Google Business Profile Expert