Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Todor Krecu -  Google Street View Trusted Photographer

I am exceptionally talented and highly regarded individual in the realm of photography, known specifically for my incredible expertise as a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. With an unyielding passion for capturing the world's most captivating scenes, I have become a trusted name in the industry, consistently delivering remarkable visual experiences through my work.

As a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, I possess an exceptional eye for detail and a unique ability to seamlessly navigate and capture the essence of any location. Armed with advanced photography equipment and an acute understanding of Google's rigorous standards, I expertly document bars, cafes, restaurants, landmarks, and other places of interest, enabling viewers to embark on virtual journeys with unparalleled realism.

My work is characterized by its stunning composition, perfect lighting, and an uncanny ability to convey the true spirit of a place. Whether it is capturing the interior or exterior photographs they consistently evoke a sense of awe and transport viewers to the very heart of the scene.

What sets me apart as a Google Street View Trusted Photographer is not just my technical skill, but also my unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of each location. I take the time to understand the unique characteristics and significance of a place, allowing me to infuse my photographs with an authentic sense of storytelling. Every shot is meticulously crafted to showcase the hidden gems, the local flavor, and the cultural tapestry that makes each location truly special.

My portfolio boasts an impressive array of projects, ranging from local coffee shops to large food courts. My work has not only enhanced the Google Street View experience for users around the world but has also garnered accolades and recognition within the photography community.

Collaborating with me as a Google Street View Trusted Photographer ensures that viewers can immerse themselves in a world of vibrant imagery, gaining a comprehensive and visually captivating understanding of diverse locations. My contributions to the field have revolutionized the way people explore the world, blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical experiences.

With me behind the camera, Google Street View becomes an extraordinary visual voyage, where viewers can explore the farthest corners of the globe with a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for the art of photography.

I am a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, Google Business Profile Expert and Level 10 Google Maps Contributor with over 16,000 photos that have been viewed over 250,000,000 times.

When customers search for your business with the intent of eating out, ordering take-out or delivery they tend to use Google. This is why it’s important to have updated information on your Google listing such as address, hours, phone number, menu, etc. and photos that get your customers excited about visiting.   

Images give your customers a clearer picture of who you are, your personality and what you offer. It may seem excessive, but businesses with 100 or more pictures in their Google profile receive 520% more calls, 2,717% more direction requests and 1,065% more website clicks than those with fewer photos.

Your consumers use mapping products 44% of the time when searching. Businesses that have photos on their Google profiles receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps, and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t.

Choosing the right restaurant is often tough for customers. You can build trust with high-quality photos, video and a 360 degree image on Google that lets customers experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons.

I will help get you in front of your customers so you can stand out, whether people are looking for you on Google Search or Maps. Share what’s best about your restaurant with my photos, video and 360 degree image. 

There is a one time fee of $249 for me to take photos, video and a 360 degree image and upload them to your Google profile.

In addition to the photos, video and 360 degree image, I will also list your restaurant on my foodie website at and post one of your dishes on at least 20 of my foodie social media sites listed at 

Email be at to schedule a date and time for me to visit your restaurant to take photos, video and a 360 degree image for your Google Business Profile.

Todor Krecu

Google Street View Trusted Photographer and Google Business Profile Expert